January 2020 Grading List Out!

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Name Standard Previous Rapidplay Previous
Clear, David E 166 C 167 C        
Clough, Peter WL 141 C 140 C 124 C 127 C
Evans, Alex J 120 C 122 B 97 C 97 D
Evans, Jack A 100 D 101 D 91 D 89 D
Hackford, Edward 116 B 122 B 114 B 114 D
Hodkinson, Peter M (deceased) 104 E 104 D 106 E 106 D
Kriksciuniene, Ruta 85 D 86 D 82 D 79 D
Larner, Tony R 102 B 98 A 104 C 105 D
Little, Amy 107 D 105 B 120 C 120 A
McCoan, Oliver 88 A 88 A        
Mulligan, Jacob 52 F     35 D 35 F
Page, Alan F 143 C 145 C 161 C 157 D
Pearl, John RF 26 C 29 C 43 A 45 C
Pigott, Darrell N 160 A 157 A 153 C 149 E
Piper, Tony 81 D 83 E 98 E 102 F
Sheehan, Christopher 117 B 116 D        
Wells, Jonathan C 182 A 186 A 173 E 173 C

Club Championship and Rapidplay Championship Updates

The Club Championship for 2018-19 is underway with four games played so far. The early leader is Ruta Kriksciuniene with 1.5/2. Please see here for results.

In the 2018 Rapidplay Championship well done to John  Pearl for being the second club member to complete all his games. Amy Little is still in the lead with 12.5/20. Please see here for results.



Rapidplay Friendly Friday 24th August – Photos

Players from North Norfolk and St. John’s,  together with some guests from other clubs,  took part in a friendly rapidplay match  over 14 boards. With everyone playing twice and 25 minutes on each clock it was a enjoyable evening with some close fought games and time scrambles. Thanks to Alan Holmes and Peter Hodkinson for organising the event and to David Payne for the pictures.

Rapidplay Championship updated with 17th August results.

The Rapidplay Championship table has been updated, please see here for full details.

More than half the games have now been played, and well done to Amy Little for being first to complete all of her games. She  is currently in the lead with 12.5/20 and certain to finish in the top half of the final table.

All games in the competition need to be completed by the end of December.