Summer Grading List 2015

Ref Member Name Sex Age Club Standard Previous Rapidplay Previous
106967G Bond, Peter D M North Norfolk 159 C 162 B
107150G Silver Bradley, John N M Dunmow 124 A 137 A 126 D 126 D
260472D Burnham, Martin K M North Norfolk 93 A 93 A
108479D Bronze Clear, David E M Gravesend 166 A 165 B
290356J Evans, Alex J North Norfolk 98 A 97 A 110 E 86 F
290357L Evans, Jack A M 12 North Norfolk 101 A 117 A 98 C 88 D
250078E Bronze Hackford, Edward North Norfolk 120 A 124 A
254572L Bronze Hodkinson, Peter M M North Norfolk 112 A 117 A 110 D 119 F
112886D Silver Holmes, Alan L M St Johns Norwich 88 A 88 A
295104G Jnr Silver Larner, Thomas O M 11 North Norfolk 72 C 73 B 87 E
295062F Gold Larner, Tony R M North Norfolk 98 A 92 A 80 E
300665H Silver McCoan, Oliver M North Norfolk 64 D 70 F
179136K Moreton, Richard C M North Norfolk 93 D 99 E 100 E
296731F Silver Page, Alan F M North Norfolk 131 A 125 A 134 D
264924L Pearl, John RF M North Norfolk 49 A 53 A 47 E 56 F
269250J Bronze Sallon, Michael D M North Norfolk 92 B 90 B
295118G Stoppani, William M 11 North Norfolk 69 B 79 A 78 E
298570G Jnr Bronze Thompson, Joseph M M 11 North Norfolk 66 E 78 F 51 F
192612D Bronze Tupper, Alex D M North Norfolk 95 E 95 C
121366A Gold Wells, Jonathan C M North Norfolk 182 A 183 A 172 D 169 E
287331L Wells, Moby M 14 North Norfolk 81 D 79 D 111 C 104 C

Sheringham Junior Chess Congress 2015

On the 19th September 2015, Sheringham Primary School will be hosting a junior chess congress.  There is also a section for parents and grandparents.

This tournament will be the first of a series of tournaments to form the Norfolk Junior Grand Prix 2015-16. Other tournaments will include the Norfolk Junior Championships in February/March and the Norwich Junior Congress in June/July. The players with the most points accumulated from the tournaments will win prizes at the end of the year.

Download the entry form here.

Note: Parents can enter aswell (Anthony, Tony??)

Any questions please contact Mr Perry (