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North Norfolk Chess Club News

Christmas Rapidplay Event

We will have a club Christmas event next Friday (16th) at the Morley Club. We will divide up into two about equal teams, and then play a double round rapidplay match, so that everyone will play two games against different opponents of about the same strength. We will start at about 8pm and finish shortly after 9pm.

Please let me know if you can (or can’t) attend and that will help for sorting out the teams in advance.


North Norfolk Chess Club Tournament 2016

We are pleased to announce

The Norfolk County Chess Club Tournament will take place on Saturday 8th October at the Morley Club, Sheringham.


For chess players graded u125 or not ECF graded at all.
Non-profit Tournament.  Value of prizes equals entry fees (£5).
50 minute games.
10.00am    Meet in Morley Club
10.15am    Round 1
11.15am    Round  2
12.15pm    Round  3
 1.15pm     Round  4
 2.15pm     Round  5
 3.15pm     Prizes
Entries to:
Tony Larner
23 Station Road
NR26 8RF

North Norfolk Chess Club AGM – 15th July 2016 7.30 pm – Minutes

1. Present. Dick Moreton (Chairman), Alan Page (Secretary), Tony Larner (Treasurer), John Pearl, Peter Clough, Peter Hodkinson, Jake Buxton, Paul Gallacher, Edward Hackford, AlexEvans, Michael Sallon.

2. Apologies. Received from Jonathan Wells, Peter Bond, David Clear and Martin Burnham.

3. Chairman’s Comments. Dick was pleased to able to to report that the club was in a healthy position, with several juniors coming through with support from local teachers and also at the club (particularly by Peter H.).

4. Election of Chairman. Dick was re-elected.

5. Secretary’s Report. Alan had circulated his report in advance of the meeting which was taken as read (attached). It should be noted that the new time limits for next season in the Norfolk League are all moves in 1 hour 35 minutes.

6. Resources Report

◦ Treasurer. Tony had circulated the accounts (attached) in advance of the meeting which had been inspected by Alan. Tony proposed and it was agreed by the meeting that we increase the fees to £20 for adults, £10 for juniors (the same as Broadland CC, and similar to others), which would allow us to offer the Morley Club £300 for room fees for the year.

◦ Assets Controller. John P. reported we have 15 sets, 15 boards, 2 cups (one with Jonathan). Peter H. offered a shield to be used for future competitions. Edward proposed that we obtain eight rigid boards to be used for league matches and other competitions. This was agreed with two abstentions. This would require additional funding and Alex proposed a voluntary donation of £5 per adult in conjunction with membership renewal which was agreed by the meeting with one abstention. Alex will investigate and pursue the purchase of new boards when funding permits and authorised by Tony. Edward kindly offered to cover any excess cost for the new boards over and above donations received.

7. Competitions Report for 2015/16

◦ League and Cup Teams. A summary was included in the Secretary’s report.

◦ Club Championships. Peter H. reported that the Club Championship and Rapidplay Championship were still to be completed. There is however a clear winner for the Club Championship, with Jonathan Wells retaining the title and cup. Peter encouraged members to complete their outstanding Club Championship games by mid-August.

8. Season 2016/17 Competitions

◦ County League. It was agreed we will enter a minimum of three teams next season (one in Division 2, two in Division 3). Peter H. proposed that we enter an additional team in Division 3, and there was discussion on this matter with no definite conclusion. A decision on this will be left for committee members to agree.

◦ Club Championships. Peter H. proposed that we consider changing the current format to better accommodate juniors and new players. This met with general agreement and the format will be confirmed with the club committee.

◦ Any other competitions. Dependent on the number of league teams a decision will be made by the club committee whether to enter a team in the Williamson Cup or Rapidplay Handicap.

9. Fees. Club members are responsible for their own ECF Membership and renewal (current membership expires on 31st August 2016). League and cup fees are paid on our behalf by the Morley Club. Members must also belong to the Morley Club.

10. Election of Club Officials and Committee for 2016/17

It was proposed by Peter Clough that all officials be re-elected and thanked all committee members and club officials for all their efforts during the year, seconded by Alex Evans, agreed by all at the meeting.

◦ Secretary (Alan Page)

◦ Treasurer (Tony Larner)

◦ Assets Controller (John Pearl)

◦ Competitions Controller (Peter Hodkinson)

◦ Team Captains (Alan Page, Tony Larner, Peter Hodkinson)

◦ Publicity/Website (Alex Evans)

11. AOB

Clubman of the Year. Peter H. proposed that John P. be awarded the Clubman of the Year trophy in recognition of his efforts in setting up and clearing equipment for club nights. This was seconded by Tony Larner and agreed by all the meeting.

There being no further business the meeting was closed at 8.35 pm,

Summer Grading List 2016


Name Standard Previous Rapidplay Previous
Bond, Peter D 158 160    
Burnham, Martin K 96 96    
Buxton, Jake 70   61  
Clear, David E 161 163    
Clough, Peter WL 132 129 130  
Evans, Alex J 107 106 119 118
Evans, Jack A 99 94 80 95
Gallacher, Paul J 92   75  
Hackford, Edward 124 121 124 127
Hodkinson, Peter M 102 105 98 107
Larner, Emily M 106   73 50
Larner, Thomas O 75 67 83 76
Larner, Tony R 111 107 114 96
McCoan, Oliver 70 68 74 74
Moreton, Richard C 78 88 94 94
Page, Alan F 138 136 146 138
Pearl, John RF 51 52 61 46
Sallon, Michael D 92 100 93  
Savatov, Roman S 94 96 87  
Stoppani, William 68 66 82 79
Thompson, Joseph M 66 70 59 45
Wells, Jonathan C 188 185 176 172

Summer Grading List 2015

Ref Member Name Sex Age Club Standard Previous Rapidplay Previous
106967G Bond, Peter D M North Norfolk 159 C 162 B
107150G Silver Bradley, John N M Dunmow 124 A 137 A 126 D 126 D
260472D Burnham, Martin K M North Norfolk 93 A 93 A
108479D Bronze Clear, David E M Gravesend 166 A 165 B
290356J Evans, Alex J North Norfolk 98 A 97 A 110 E 86 F
290357L Evans, Jack A M 12 North Norfolk 101 A 117 A 98 C 88 D
250078E Bronze Hackford, Edward North Norfolk 120 A 124 A
254572L Bronze Hodkinson, Peter M M North Norfolk 112 A 117 A 110 D 119 F
112886D Silver Holmes, Alan L M St Johns Norwich 88 A 88 A
295104G Jnr Silver Larner, Thomas O M 11 North Norfolk 72 C 73 B 87 E
295062F Gold Larner, Tony R M North Norfolk 98 A 92 A 80 E
300665H Silver McCoan, Oliver M North Norfolk 64 D 70 F
179136K Moreton, Richard C M North Norfolk 93 D 99 E 100 E
296731F Silver Page, Alan F M North Norfolk 131 A 125 A 134 D
264924L Pearl, John RF M North Norfolk 49 A 53 A 47 E 56 F
269250J Bronze Sallon, Michael D M North Norfolk 92 B 90 B
295118G Stoppani, William M 11 North Norfolk 69 B 79 A 78 E
298570G Jnr Bronze Thompson, Joseph M M 11 North Norfolk 66 E 78 F 51 F
192612D Bronze Tupper, Alex D M North Norfolk 95 E 95 C
121366A Gold Wells, Jonathan C M North Norfolk 182 A 183 A 172 D 169 E
287331L Wells, Moby M 14 North Norfolk 81 D 79 D 111 C 104 C

Alex and Alex both win round 3 BCC 2015

Quick update. Just won my 3rd game vs a solid 133 player. In fact he was the player that beat jack in round 1, so it was time for a little chess revenge from dad! I havent analysed game yet, but i won an end game due to a mistake 40 ..Bxd4

Drawn game in round 2 yesterday. Jack lost in a tight endgame.

Really happy. 2.5/3 so far.

Jack also won his game so really pleased for him.

Alex Evans 1-0 Bill Egan, British Chess Championships 2015, 2015.07.29

evans jack 1-0 everitt david, british chess championships, 2015.07.29

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Jack and Alex at the British Chess Championships 2015 Round 1

I thought i might write a quick report from the British chess championships after a really exciting 1st day. After arriving 10 mins late, due to traffic and lack of parking permit, myself and jack settled down to our games. We both had the white pieces. I was playing a 124 grade player, Jack a 133. I opened with e4 and my opponent played c5, the sicilian. Great, grand prix attack for me!. Anyway i wont comment on game but i will just put game below. I won so really pleased. Jack played a great game and had a really attacking position, then threw it away by blundering his rook. Peter wont be happy! Anyway here is my game.