Alex and Alex both win round 3 BCC 2015

Quick update. Just won my 3rd game vs a solid 133 player. In fact he was the player that beat jack in round 1, so it was time for a little chess revenge from dad! I havent analysed game yet, but i won an end game due to a mistake 40 ..Bxd4

Drawn game in round 2 yesterday. Jack lost in a tight endgame.

Really happy. 2.5/3 so far.

Jack also won his game so really pleased for him.

Alex Evans 1-0 Bill Egan, British Chess Championships 2015, 2015.07.29

evans jack 1-0 everitt david, british chess championships, 2015.07.29

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Alan at the British Chess Championships 2015 Rapidplay

At the first weekend of the British Championships at Warwick University the Rapidplay competitions were held. There were several sections and I had entered the U-150 tournament.  The format was over two days, with 11 rounds and 20 minutes on each player’s clock, plus an additional 10 seconds added after each move. Hopefully this would help me practice playing faster after many time-troubled games last season!

The first day was quite tough, with three losses in a row after long, close finishes which left me on 1.5/5. However, I started better on Sunday morning, and ended with 6.5/11 including a quick draw in the last round with most players suffering mental exhaustion by then!

An enjoyable couple of days at an excellent venue and good luck to Alex, Jack and Jon in the rest of the Championships at a more leisurely pace!

I’ve included an interesting game from Saturday where I reached a winning position only to see this disappear over the horizon as the moves got faster and faster…

Jack and Alex at the British Chess Championships 2015 Round 1

I thought i might write a quick report from the British chess championships after a really exciting 1st day. After arriving 10 mins late, due to traffic and lack of parking permit, myself and jack settled down to our games. We both had the white pieces. I was playing a 124 grade player, Jack a 133. I opened with e4 and my opponent played c5, the sicilian. Great, grand prix attack for me!. Anyway i wont comment on game but i will just put game below. I won so really pleased. Jack played a great game and had a really attacking position, then threw it away by blundering his rook. Peter wont be happy! Anyway here is my game.

Oliver at Birmingham 2015

Thanks to Oliver McCoan for this nice finish to one of his games in the recent Birmingham U-135 tournament

Amazing chess game!! Wei Yi plays his Game of the Century 

If China’s Wei Yi goes on to win the World Championship we may look back on July 3rd 2015 as the day he played his equivalent of 13-year-old Bobby Fischer’s “Game of the Century”. Even if he doesn’t, the 16-year-old’s win over Cuba’s Lazaro Bruzon was an exquisite king hunt, where White sacrificed a full rook and bishop to hound the black king from g8 to h3. Jan Gustafsson takes a look at the game for us, noting the “quiet” moves are what really make it stand out.

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