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Grading List January 2017


Name Standard Previous RapidPlay Previous
Bond, Peter D 157 158
Buxton, Jake 78 70 70 61
Clear, David E 167 161
Clough, Peter WL 134 132 135 130
Evans, Alex J 103 107 116 119
Evans, Jack A 99 99 74 80
Gallacher, Paul J 91 92 78 75
Hackford, Edward 128 124 125 124
Hodkinson, Peter M 104 102 99 98
Larner, Emily M 109 106 82 74
Larner, Thomas O 76 75 87 83
Larner, Tony R 100 111 111 114
Little, Amy 101 87 73
McCoan, Oliver 73 70 74
Page, Alan F 141 138 147 146
Pearl, John RF 45 51 62 61
Pigott, Darrell N 142 129
Sallon, Michael D 88 92 93 93
Savatov, Roman S 92 94 87 87
Thompson, Joseph M 67 66 59 59
Wells, Jonathan C 189 188 179 176

Club Championship Miniature

A sparkling miniature win for Tony in the Club Championship against Alex.

Summer Grading List 2016


Name Standard Previous Rapidplay Previous
Bond, Peter D 158 160    
Burnham, Martin K 96 96    
Buxton, Jake 70   61  
Clear, David E 161 163    
Clough, Peter WL 132 129 130  
Evans, Alex J 107 106 119 118
Evans, Jack A 99 94 80 95
Gallacher, Paul J 92   75  
Hackford, Edward 124 121 124 127
Hodkinson, Peter M 102 105 98 107
Larner, Emily M 106   73 50
Larner, Thomas O 75 67 83 76
Larner, Tony R 111 107 114 96
McCoan, Oliver 70 68 74 74
Moreton, Richard C 78 88 94 94
Page, Alan F 138 136 146 138
Pearl, John RF 51 52 61 46
Sallon, Michael D 92 100 93  
Savatov, Roman S 94 96 87  
Stoppani, William 68 66 82 79
Thompson, Joseph M 66 70 59 45
Wells, Jonathan C 188 185 176 172

Alan at the British Chess Championships 2015 Rapidplay

At the first weekend of the British Championships at Warwick University the Rapidplay competitions were held. There were several sections and I had entered the U-150 tournament.  The format was over two days, with 11 rounds and 20 minutes on each player’s clock, plus an additional 10 seconds added after each move. Hopefully this would help me practice playing faster after many time-troubled games last season!

The first day was quite tough, with three losses in a row after long, close finishes which left me on 1.5/5. However, I started better on Sunday morning, and ended with 6.5/11 including a quick draw in the last round with most players suffering mental exhaustion by then!

An enjoyable couple of days at an excellent venue and good luck to Alex, Jack and Jon in the rest of the Championships at a more leisurely pace!

I’ve included an interesting game from Saturday where I reached a winning position only to see this disappear over the horizon as the moves got faster and faster…

Oliver at Birmingham 2015

Thanks to Oliver McCoan for this nice finish to one of his games in the recent Birmingham U-135 tournament

The one that got away


Our Club Champion, Jonathan Wells, has a 100% record in games against other members this season.  In this game,  Jonathan allows Tony Larner a chance to force a draw by perpetual check. But why stop there? Why not try for a win!

William wins Norwich Mega Final

Congratulation to William Stoppani who won the u-11 group  of the Norwich Delancey Schools Mega Final held in Norwich on the 2nd May.

He won his first five games, which meant that he was the only player to go into the sixth and final round with more than four points –  so he had effectively won his age group before the sixth round games took place!

Although William lost the final game and commented – “I was not careful enough when sacrificing my queen!” – the game was exciting with just 1 minute left on the clock.

William now heads to the Giga Final in Manchester. Two years ago, he arrived in the sixth round of the Manchester Giga Final with 4.5 points and had he won that game then he would have been crowned champion. Best of luck for this year William!

William wins Norwich Mega Final

Crabs v Shrimps

Having two teams in the same division usually provides a couple of entertaining club nights during the season, and the recent Crabs versus Shrimps Division 3 match  was no exception. After a short delay to confirm which team was playing at home, and therefore who had what colour on each board,  a hard-fought match resulted.

In the nearby North Sea perhaps Crabs would have the advantage in such a pairing, but over the chessboard the Shrimps were 2.5-1.5 winners. Here are the games on the top two boards.


Christmas Quickplay

Our Christmas Quickplay competition was an all-play-all event –  good fun with a lot of games to play in an evening!

Congratulations to our winner, Jonathan Wells, with a 100% score. Also well done to Martin Burnham for the grading prize, and Thomas Larner for the junior prize.