Amazing chess game!! Wei Yi plays his Game of the Century 

If China’s Wei Yi goes on to win the World Championship we may look back on July 3rd 2015 as the day he played his equivalent of 13-year-old Bobby Fischer’s “Game of the Century”. Even if he doesn’t, the 16-year-old’s win over Cuba’s Lazaro Bruzon was an exquisite king hunt, where White sacrificed a full rook and bishop to hound the black king from g8 to h3. Jan Gustafsson takes a look at the game for us, noting the “quiet” moves are what really make it stand out.

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The one that got away


Our Club Champion, Jonathan Wells, has a 100% record in games against other members this season.  In this game,  Jonathan allows Tony Larner a chance to force a draw by perpetual check. But why stop there? Why not try for a win!

William wins Norwich Mega Final

Congratulation to William Stoppani who won the u-11 group  of the Norwich Delancey Schools Mega Final held in Norwich on the 2nd May.

He won his first five games, which meant that he was the only player to go into the sixth and final round with more than four points –  so he had effectively won his age group before the sixth round games took place!

Although William lost the final game and commented – “I was not careful enough when sacrificing my queen!” – the game was exciting with just 1 minute left on the clock.

William now heads to the Giga Final in Manchester. Two years ago, he arrived in the sixth round of the Manchester Giga Final with 4.5 points and had he won that game then he would have been crowned champion. Best of luck for this year William!

William wins Norwich Mega Final

Crabs v Shrimps

Having two teams in the same division usually provides a couple of entertaining club nights during the season, and the recent Crabs versus Shrimps Division 3 match  was no exception. After a short delay to confirm which team was playing at home, and therefore who had what colour on each board,  a hard-fought match resulted.

In the nearby North Sea perhaps Crabs would have the advantage in such a pairing, but over the chessboard the Shrimps were 2.5-1.5 winners. Here are the games on the top two boards.


A nice correspondence game I played on board 5 for Norfolk

Comments please!!

Christmas Quickplay

Our Christmas Quickplay competition was an all-play-all event –  good fun with a lot of games to play in an evening!

Congratulations to our winner, Jonathan Wells, with a 100% score. Also well done to Martin Burnham for the grading prize, and Thomas Larner for the junior prize.


En Passant

The Acclaimed Norfolk Chess Magazine

En Passant is the monthly Norfolk chess magazine. It is immensely popular – nearly 100 subscribers for a single county must be some kind of record, and it is probably read by far more than that number. It is also highly acclaimed, having been named BCF Magazine of the Year in 2004 and ECF Magazine of the Year in 2007 and 2009, the only years in which it entered the competition. Norfolk chess magazines have been produced on and off for several decades at least – one collection has them going back to 1964. Its current incarnation grew out of the results bulletins that the Norfolk League Controller, John Charman, sent regularly to club secretaries. That turned into the monthly En Passant in November 1995, and it has been published every month ever since.

For more information, or to subscribe to the magazine, please follow the link below:

En Passant (Norfolk County Chess Association site)


Game of the week

Latest Game of the Week

A nice game from Jack on board 2 playing Brian Cunningham from St Johns Knights. Thanks to Alan for letting us post this!

Previous Game of the Week

This is game I played last Friday against Andrew Gilling from Broadland. It was a board 2 game. We lost the match 2 1/2 – 1 1/2 overall, so well done to Broadland. 🙂

A good win for me using my favourite opening – the King’s Gambit! Think the sacrifice on f7 was a little unsound but black had to play very accurately afterwards.