Rapidplay Championship updated with 17th August results.

The Rapidplay Championship table has been updated, please see here for full details.

More than half the games have now been played, and well done to Amy Little for being first to complete all of her games. She  is currently in the lead with 12.5/20 and certain to finish in the top half of the final table.

All games in the competition need to be completed by the end of December.

Amy Little wins u-11 Title at Midlands Gigafinal

From Peter Hodkinson…

On Sunday 8th July 2018, Amy Little (grade 118) won the Solihull (Birmingham) Gigafinal of the UK Chess Challenge to become Midlands girls u11 champion. Amy went clear of the field of 24 by winning her first 5 games and needed only to agree a draw in round 6 to be a clear winner.

The Southern Gigafinal in Twickenham a week earlier was a much closer affair with 4 girls finishing with 5 out of 6. Alisha Vyas (grade 117) won the title on a tie-break.

The Northern Gigafinal takes place on Sunday (15th July 2018) in Manchester.

This national schools event attracted over 40,000 entries of all school ages. It is the biggest chess tournament in the World.

The UK Grand Finals will be held in Peterborough.

My Game vs Brian Cunningham

Interesting game. Winning most of game but couldnt finish it in time. Same old story!

Grading List January 2017


Name Standard Previous RapidPlay Previous
Bond, Peter D 157 158
Buxton, Jake 78 70 70 61
Clear, David E 167 161
Clough, Peter WL 134 132 135 130
Evans, Alex J 103 107 116 119
Evans, Jack A 99 99 74 80
Gallacher, Paul J 91 92 78 75
Hackford, Edward 128 124 125 124
Hodkinson, Peter M 104 102 99 98
Larner, Emily M 109 106 82 74
Larner, Thomas O 76 75 87 83
Larner, Tony R 100 111 111 114
Little, Amy 101 87 73
McCoan, Oliver 73 70 74
Page, Alan F 141 138 147 146
Pearl, John RF 45 51 62 61
Pigott, Darrell N 142 129
Sallon, Michael D 88 92 93 93
Savatov, Roman S 92 94 87 87
Thompson, Joseph M 67 66 59 59
Wells, Jonathan C 189 188 179 176

Club Championship Miniature

A sparkling miniature win for Tony in the Club Championship against Alex.

Repertoire for Black based on 1 e4 e5

Hi all,
Below you will find a video course based on 1 e4 e5. The course is made by one of the best youtube chess instructors, Christof Sielecki, an International Master from Germany. If you need a good repertoire against e4, then have a look. it’s very comprehensive and contains over 6hrs of free video instruction!!